Internal Rebrand & Renovation


Heritage: the new Modern

Rebrands can be confusing times with over 34 years of history. Aligning yourself with a fresh direction or new values requires a lot more than just slapping a new logo on your website. Couple this with renovating your office and production space, the need to make way for top tier machinery and develop ergonomically viable workplace and you have a serious project.

Thats what we did!

We were presented an opportunity to rethink who we are and where we are going. Our long term Managing Director, Roger stepped aside (and hopped the pond back to the UK) while Geoff took his place as MD and Michelle came in to oversee Marketing. The family business, now a family affair.

“The need to modernise our business practice was clear. Ability to remain nimble in creative industry is what makes or breaks business leaders. ” - Geoff Howell, Managing Director
The Project scope:

Quality: never just skin deep

The question: ‘Who is Complete Printing, what do we offer and how do we do it’

Hard to answer but we uncovered the key principle the company has held over 14 years of ownership - Quality Comes First. With that came the realisation that for too long we'd kept this a secret from our customers. This also extends to our Design work, never discussed with customers and always on point.

We've gone the extra mile to ensure they get the best possible job so often that we forgot how rare that was in market, neglecting to tell them out of a desire to see a job well done, yet also failing to include them in our story and share with them the passion we put into our work.

"Our return rate speaks for itself, we receive less than 1% of all jobs back in error. A statistic we are extremely proud of.” - Clarry Chapman, Master Printer

So we have re-centered the craftmanship and passion every single team member shares when producing your work.

Our Makers Mark

We have the privalige of working with arguably one of the best printers on the GC. His work and dedication since 88’ is second to none and is now our Master Printer - Clarry Chapman. Clarry’s thumbprint, now central to our brand, adorning all our comms and packaging, represents the human side of print. Its more than ink on paper. Its a combination of a lifetime of expertise and creativity, complex problem solving and inginuity. We decided on the Thumbprint because it is a gentle reminder of what print is, tactile, emotive and tangible.

For centuries print was eminent in developing the human experience. It's been too easily forgotten since the advent of digital how powerful print can be - far more than just ink, on paper.

From here we will continue to evolve our brand language, exploring cutting edge graphic design trends, delving into our heritage of over 34 years as an independant printer on the Gold Coast. Evolving with culture and society towards sustainablly conscious production and consumption model.

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